About Me

I’m an economist based in London working for the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

I’m interested in embedding good research practice in quantitative economics work. That includes designing strong empirical frameworks, using modern statistical methods, and following good working practices for data and code.

Research Interests

My work focuses on using rich microdata to understand consumer behaviour and policy impacts in financial markets.

In particular, I’m interested in applying methods and ideas from machine learning to econometrics.


Financial Conduct Authority, Economics and Data Science

Oxera, Economics and Econometrics


The London School of Economics, July 2011

MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (res), Distinction

The University of Birmingham, July 2010

BSc Mathematical Economics and Statistics (hons), First


Giles, A. and Postl, P., 2014. Equilibrium and effectiveness of two-parameter scoring rules. Mathematical Social Sciences, 68, pp. 31-52.

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